Friday, 8 June 2012


Why natural soaps and say NO to chemicals?

our skin is the biggest organ in our body. Every moment, it protects our body from harmful chemicals and pollutions by getting rid of toxins. When we apply chemical products to our skin, it makes our skin works overtime to reach balance, radiance and health. This is why more and more people have skin problems, over sensitive, over drying, which also cause acceleration of wrinkles appearance, dull skin, and above all, skin cancer.
hence, we would like to humbly share a few reasons why choosing natural soaps for ourselves and our environment.
1) the first and foremost is simple..., nature is good!
2) there are natural occuring GLYCERIN in natural soaps that moisturise and nourish our skin. Glycerin is a by product during soap making process. It cost more to buy glycerin than soap, which is why commercial soap companies sell glycerin to cosmetics manufacturer or pharmaceuticals to make other expensive skin products.
3) true natural soaps have LABELS that are readable and they are not full of scientific chemical names that are not easy to understand
4) natural soaps are FREE from harmful chemicals. We would like to name a few which are quite dangerous to our skin and body as below:
~ Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate (SLS), or any chemicals with sulfate - they are skin irritant, drying to skin and a penetration enhancer - which means they are capable of crossing membranes of your body's cell. Also, it pollutes our ground water.
~ Methlyparabens or any parabens - serves as preservatives in conventional skin products. They act like estrogen that throw off your hormonal balance. Studies have shown its relation to breast cancer.
~ Tetrasodium EDTA - another preservative. It is also a penetration enhancer, going straight into bloodstream.
~ Fragrance - causes skin irritations, headaches, rashes, hyper pigmentation, at worst, cancer risk.
~ Artificial colourant
The above list is solely for reference purposes.
t.o.n handmade natural soaps are one of the TRUE natural soaps that you can find in the natural soap making industries. We stay true to our integrity of sourcing the best natural ingredients that we could find and deliver the goodness to our customers. There are no hidden ingredients and we try to support organic ingredients whenever we can. Hence, we can humbly say that our product comes with a high quality assurance.
to be honest, we didn't do much other than delivering the already goodness of nature to you. It was all Nature's work!

inspired from tales of nature

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